Full Moon in Capricorn – Mini Moonscopes

Full moons are a traditionally a time for endings and completions. And what a completion this one marks!

The end of Mercury Retrograde (just one more to go this year)

The end of Eclipse season 2021 (it’s been intense right?)

And then end of one of this years most important astrological events – the Saturn / Uranus square,

Combined, these three troublemakers of cosmo-pocalypse have created a fair amount of drama over the last few weeks. Mis-communications, complicated closures, confrontations and personal challenges.

But for now, this years astrological rollercoaster has finally levelled out.

Now usually this would mean kicking back, whipping up a full moon margarite and celebrating! Or perhaps taking some much needed time out…

But not this time around… well, not quite.

Coming on the heels of the summer solstice, there’s an air of new beginnings about this glittering strawberry moon. Capricorn energy is determined, focused and steadfast. And at the time is rising the sun – currently at home in Cancer –  was in opposition with the moon.

Now, oppositions can go either way, but with the sun in nurturing Cancer this one definitely had a soft, positive feel about it.

Intentions and ideas planted at this time have much potential… Capricorn potential!

This Capricorn full moon closes the door on a tumultuous first half of the year and creaks open the door to the second.

So the question is… what do you want from the second half of this year? 

Find your rising or sun sign below to discover which house this Capricorn moon featured in for you and what this could mean for the next six months. 

Capricorn Full Moon Mini Moonscopes



This moon energy is taking place in your 10th house, the house of career, ambition and making your mark. It’s time to take a close look at your career, job or daily role. Does it bring you fulfilment? If not, the time is right for change, this doesn’t necessarily mean chucking it in and starting something new (although it could!) It’s more a case of being honest about what you want and whether your current path is the right one to get you there.



This full moon energy is taking place in your 9th house. The house of study, travel and your great cosmic quest! It also governs higher learning. Be open to inspiration and new ideas, the world is waiting for you Taurus. It’s time to expand your horizons.



This moon energy takes place in your 8th house. This house rules joint finances credit cards and debts, also sex and anything you consider taboo. It’s also the house of transformation and with all the current astrology considered this full moon is the perfect time to close the doors on things that no longer bring your joy. Give yourself space to focus on making, new, positive changes to your lifestyle. Transform your pain into power. You’ve got this.



This full moon energy takes place in your 7th house, this house governs partnerships, our friends, lovers and also business partners. Are your relationships helping you to move forwards or keeping you stuck? It’s time for a review, and if needed, to make changes. Surround yourself with people ready give you hugs, hoorays and high-fives!



This full moon energy is in your 6th house, this house rules your daily routine, both at home and at work, your health is also governed by this house. Take a look at your weekly routine – where could you make space for time or activities dedicated to your physical or mental health?



This moon energy takes place in your 5th house, the house of pleasure, fun, romance and creativity. So… when was the last time you let go and just had some bloody good old fun Virgo? If you can’t quite remember then it’s time to dust off that inner child and go find some good times.



This full moon takes place in your 4th house, the house of home, family, your past and where you belong. With the sun in cancer this full moon highlights striking a balance between home life and work life or perhaps home life and self care. Don’t spread yourself to thin.



This moon energy is taking place in your 3rd house which governs communication and short trips. Your waters run deep Scorpio, so often you are the astrological loner, hesitant of sharing your thoughts and opinions for fear of judgement. Share your wisdom with those around you, your unique insights may prove valuable to others.



This moon energy is taking place in your 2nd house, the house of cash, property and possessions. It’s about what and how you value things, including yourself. Are you investing in the right places? Including in yourself? If you’ve been keen to invest in a gym membership to improve your health, a training course to improve your career prospects, or a massage to make you feel fabulous now is the time to go for it!



This moon energy takes place in your 1st house – your appearance, image and identity – it’s all about how you come across to others. It’s time to celebrate you! Be proud of all your quirks, foibles and utter fabulousness. Of course if you’ve been eyeing up a fantastic new look… now’s the time to take that leap. This is your moon Capricorn, you can be ANYTHING you want to be. Get out there and make it happen!



This full moon takes place in your 12th house, this house represents the deepest and often darkest side of your soul, your shadow side. It’s time to look inside. Create a safe, calm, comfortable space for yourself and reflect on what’s really going on inside right now. If there’s something there that’s bothering you, now’s the time to pull on your big, brave pants and get it sorted.



This full moon energy takes place in your 11th house, this house governs your social life. It’s also known as the house of the thing that is wished for. So… what is it that you’re wishing for? Pisces can oh so easily get lost in a cycle of wishing, thinking but not doing… Harness this Capricorn energy! Get clear on what you want and take action.

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