Strap in, it’s a Super Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius!

super full moon eclipse in Sagittarius

Pull up your big girl pants, this week’s moon movements are looking decidedly intense! Wednesdays super full moon eclipse in Sagittarius is coming to shine a light on our deep inner world and the build up has already begun.

In fact, your feelings may already be running high as the almost full moon begins the week in passionate, deep thinking Scorpio.

Lunar eclipses are time of powerful release and transformation

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that governs both positive transformation and it’s more negative cousin, destruction. The stage has been set for potentially powerful change and you can choose. Choose to fight it, choose to ignore it or choose to harness this powerful cosmic energy.

Relationships, particularly sexual ones are in the spotlight at the start of this week – for some this might mean a delectable few days of increased physical and emotional intimacy, for others, well let’s just say that those little things that wind you up, they’re about to get ten times more irritating. Stay cool… Scorpio energy has a tendency to get a little controlling, so keep your temper and that stinging tail in check.

Now is not the time for making rash, heated decisions

Instead, grab a pen and paper and use this deep-thinking Scorpio energy to dig into anything that’s holding you back right now and why. Scribble, jot and journal your way to the very heart of the matter, dig deep and be brave.

This powerful lunar eclipse is here to help, guide and support you in stripping away all that does not serve you, give it a helping hand by figuring out exactly what that might be.

It all culminates on Wednesday with the super full moon eclipse in Sagittarius. A big, bold, bright supermoon that shines its light on adventure, exploration and broadening our horizons. Open your your heart and your head and release all that needs to fall away.

Big things and small things, old things and even ‘just the other day’ things, if they cause you stress, worry, fear or frustration then do your best to dump em. You absolutely do not need to be carrying that crap around so lighten the load and enjoy the relief that comes with it.

If it all gets a little overwhelming – and at times like these it really can – then lean on your self-care practice, places and people. Lean hard. Have a cuppa and a full-on rant with your bestie, ugly cry in the shower, stretch away the stress with yoga or qigong, meditate, or simply shut the world out as you relax in the bubbliest of bubble baths.

Thank goodness for Capricorn

By Friday the moon moves into practical and determined Capricorn and we have a wonderful opportunity to take those deep lunar eclipse reveals and create a rock solid plan for turning our thoughts into things.

Capricorn scales the tallest and most challenging of mountains, drawing on their inner strength and fortitude to overcome anything that stands in their way. It’s time for you to do the same!

We end this week on something of a cosmic comedy play. Goats are known for their cheeky, rather naughty demeanour, which is just as well, as hot on the heels of the lunar eclipse is Mercury retrograde.

That’s right… on Saturday that most mischievous of planets – messenger to the gods and ruler of communication turns on its’ heels, right in the middle of Gemini season, Gemini,,, you know, the sign of communication…

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?!

Coming up next… keep watch for my Mercury Retrograde Survival Plan, hitting the blog later this week!


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