Jupiter in Pisces 2021 – it’s time to see the big picture

Jupiter in Pisces

Step aside eclipse season, one of this years biggest and MOST important astrological events is happening in the skies right now! Jupiter, the original wide boy, bringer of blessings, abundance, adventure and joy has moved into dreamy, aspirational Pisces, bringing with it huge opportunities for evolution and growth. But hang on a minute, planets move around all the time right? So what makes this one so special? Read on to find out why Jupiter is such a big deal (in all senses of the word!), what this planetary shift could mean for you and how you can use this benevolent energy to rise up to your full, awesome potential!

Life in the planetary slow lane

Ok, so Jupiter is what we call an ‘outer planet’. Along with Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto this gas giant ambles through the cosmos at a pretty chilled out pace, taking around 12 years to travel through each sign of the zodiac. Jupiter is also a pretty important planet. Often called ‘the great benefic’ Jupiter is our planetary lucky charm, bringing confidence, joy and optimism to everything he touches.

In people terms, Jupiter is that life coach who makes you feel great about yourself; empowered, confident and capable. He wants you to know that you’ve totally got this! He’s totally the Tony Robbins of the zodiac!

Jupiter amplifies our opportunities, our vision, our faith and our feelings. He’s also the planet of higher thinking and often brings up a yearning for adventure and new horizons. It’s where the best and brightest of our ideas can be born and a place to expand our thinking, both intellectually and spiritually.

Basically where Jupiter goes, new things grow.

Beware too much of a good thing!

You’ve heard the saying ‘too much of a good thing’ right? Well, that’s super important when dealing with this big, benevolent planet. Confidence can quickly tip to arrogance if not kept in check. Likewise over-excitement, over-indulgence (no you don’t need another slice) and overt risk taking can all happen on Jupiter’s watch. So be wise and keep your wits about you.

A glimpse of the future

Now although I’ve talked about Jupiter taking 12 years to move through the zodiac, that doesn’t mean that it stays still in one sign for a whole year. Since the start of 2021 Jupiter has been sitting in Aquarius, now he moves into Pisces until the 28th of July, when he takes a step back into Aquarius before making a long term move into Pisces at the end of this year.

Like all things in the cosmos, this is no accident.

Consider these next few weeks as a preview to 2022, a chance to look forward and get a glimpse of what your future could look like in 12 months time. Who do you want to be, where do you want to living, and what do you want to be doing?

Which brings us to Pisces…

Now remember we ALL have Pisces in our chart somewhere. This dreamy, philosophical sign will rule a particular astrological house for you and in doing so, will bring a potent Pisces energy to this area of your life. Which right now and for the next few weeks is going to be super amplified by Jupiter.

Pisces represents escapism, dreams and our intuition. It invites us to stop for just one damn minute, and look inside. Pisces wants us to open our minds and our hearts and be really, truly honest with ourselves.  Are we happy? Do we have joy and fulfilment in our lives? And if not, why not! And more importantly, what can we change, say or do to bring more joy, abundance, adventure and happiness our way.

Pisces gives us the vision… and now Jupiter is here to make it happen. If we are brave enough to take action.

So, where does Pisces sit in your chart?

Do you know which house Pisces rules for you? If so, read on to discover which area of your life this planetary transit could bring positive and lasting change.

If Pisces rules your first house Have you been stuck in the same old style rut forever? It could be time for a bold new look! Clear out your wardrobe and treat yourself to some new clothes that make you look and feel amazing!

If Pisces rules your second house Jupiter brings luck to all things financial. Sewing the seeds of good fortune now could bring rich rewards by the start of next year.  

If Pisces rules your third house As much as we’d love the people around us to ‘just know’ what makes us tick we need to give them a helping hand every now and then. Be honest, speak your mind, ask for support. The solution could be closer than you think.  

If Pisces rules your fourth house After so much time spent inside, chances are you’re feeling a little frustrated with these four walls. It’s time to shake things up. Start with a thorough declutter, who know what exciting things you might discover.  

If Pisces rules your fifth house Romance could be on the cards. Jupiter shines his light on love, fun and flirtation, so book a date night with your beloved and get to know each other again. Single? It might be time to take that chance and swipe right.  

If Pisces rules your sixth house If there was ever a time for you to have a total turnaround this is it. Be brave, every aspect of your daily life and routine is up for potential renewal, so look deep into your soul. Where in your daily life do you find joy and happiness and what do you need to ditch to make it even more amazing?

If Pisces rules your seventh house A new or existing partnership could prove advantageous to you both. If your ideas and energies align then use this positive, growth energy to make things happen. We grow faster when we grow together.

If Pisces rules your eighth house As our emotions and feeling are intensified, so to is our need for release, rest and recouperation. Clarity and transformation can be found in moments of quiet contemplation. Take this time to be rather than do. The answers will become clear.

If Pisces rules your ninth house Nothing is small when it comes to Jupiter and that includes your horizons. That little voice that yearns for new challenges and exciting adventures has been quiet for long enough, it’s time to it speak up.  

If Pisces rules your tenth house If you’ve been thinking about asking for a raise, now’s the time to put forward your case. It’s about time people really started appreciating your unique skills and talents, including you.  

If Pisces rules your eleventh house You know that ‘thing’ you’ve wanted to try, see or do for ages? Now’s the time! Book that cake decorating course, sign up for that yoga class, book that retreat. Get out there, meet new people and have some fun!

If Pisces rules your twelfth house Digging deep can be super scary, but just think of what you be missing out on if you don’t. Be honest about what’s holding you back, is it people, possessions, perhaps even yourself? Allow emotions to rise to the surface and as you acknowledge them, accept then and release them, you’ll finally feel free.    


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