It’s a New Moon Eclipse Party in Gemini, and you’re invited!

Ahhhhh, Gemini. Never one to do things in the traditional or expected way, Gemini loves to get out there and stir things up. Those days when you wake up full of positive energy, ready to make things happen – and perhaps grab a cheeky spritzer at lunch whilst you’re at it – those are Gemini Days.

Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac; outgoing, sociable, chatty and curious, a Gemini moon comes with bags of inspiration, creativity and the potential for change.

That’s right, Gemini is about to throw a new moon solar eclipse party and you’re totally invited!

A new moon what?

Eclipse! Kinda like last months full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, but with a few crucial differences.

Here’s the science: A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, blocking out the light of the sun and causing the characteristic ‘ring of fire’ effect that drove our ancient ancestors to hand wringing, sheep sacrificing, hysterics.

Happily our greater understanding of the cosmos means that there is absolutely no need to hide under the covers for the evening or sacrifice your youngest child to appease the cosmos… phew.

A new moon eclipse is a little different from a full moon eclipse, bringing its own energy and opportunities.

Whereas last month’s full moon eclipse revealed truths and shone a light on areas of our life where we needed to release old thoughts and habits, this new moon is all about transformation and new beginnings.

All things considered, this new moon eclipse is this years big opportunity for a do-over or fresh start.

Or is it…

But wait a moment, Gemini is ruled by Mercury isn’t it? And Mercury is totally in retrograde right now! Eeek! So should you cancel the new moon party and run for cover?

The short answer, hell no! But… we do need to approach our new moon intentions mindfully.

Mercury retrograde is famous for throwing plans off course… think the recent global issues with the internet or Portugal suddenly going from the green list to amber, throwing hundreds of peoples travel plans in chaos.

Yeah, thanks for that Mercury.

But, although this can be a time when things seem to be particularly tricky, it doesn’t mean that we put our lives on hold. Like so many things in life the best way to deal with a Mercury retrograde is not to fight it, but to go with the flow.

And here’s the upside, Mercury retrograde can actually be a really powerful time of transformation, particularly when it comes to communication. Something Gemini just happens to be rather excellent at.

Channel the three I’s

This new moon is a time for great inspiration and ideas, but we must also tune into our intuition and approach our intentions in a way that is mindful and honest, especially when it comes to communication. So, let’s look at it all in the context of this powerful new moon…

  • How could you communicate your new moon intentions clearly? To yourself and to others?
  • Could telling people about your intentions help you achieve them faster or easier?
  • Is there something you’re not saying that could be holding you back?
  • Would making contact with a new connection open new doors and new opportunities?
  • Is there a difficult conversation that you need to have, that you’ve been putting off and is that causing you stress and anxiety?
  • Is it about time you spoke up?
  • Is it about you shut up?

Oooh, weren’t expecting that last one were you? Communication goes both ways my friends and if your listening skills could use a little brushing up, now’s a great time to practice.

If in doubt, jot it down. Gemini is associated with writing and creativity and getting those thoughts out of your head and onto paper could be just what you need to gain clarity and focus.

Speaking of which, shall we look at where this new moon could have a particularly powerful effect on your life?

Gemini new moon eclipse


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Comments on It’s a New Moon Eclipse Party in Gemini, and you’re invited!

  1. Lynn says:

    Love this and love the way you express things .. thank you

  2. Sun in Gemini. Rising sign in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini. Alas I talk so bloody much I am the LAST person you want at a party. Plus, my estranged husband who has known me since 1974 pointed out last month, I tend to zero in on the cheese log and chocolate fondu fountain and not participate except to play with the host’s dog or cat!

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