Moon Rise Evening Retreat – Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus – Sat 20th November – The Clearing – Hemsby

Moon Rise Evening Retreat – Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus – Sat 20th November – The Clearing – Hemsby

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🤗 FILL YOUR CUP 🤗 The full moon is a time for celebration, release and blissful relaxation. Rising in the steadfast, gracious and grounded sign of Taurus, this special full moon eclipse shines a light on two very important aspects of our lives – love and money! Join me for an indulgent evening of moving meditation, self massage, manifesting rituals, astrology, oracle cards and sound healing.

Whilst you may not be a Taurus, you most certainly have this powerful sign in your birth chart and it’s position can reveal deep insights into your personality and ability to be successful in certain areas of life – particularly when it comes to confidence, self care and how you make money. A master manifestor, Taurus is the architect of the zodiac, they create, build and gather resources like no other.

So where are you at your strongest? You’ll find out in your special Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus report where I’ll reveal the position of this powerful sign in your birth chart and what this means for you. I’ll also reveal which house this moon sits in for you, giving you an insight into the specific areas of your life that come into focus right now.  You’ll also receive a special self-care kit to take home with you. Bliss!

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YOU DESERVE THE BEST IN LIFE | Ruled by Venus Taurus connects us to the divine feminine and shines a light on the good things in life. It’s all about what you enjoy and how you draw those things into your life.

We’ll begin the evening with mindful movement and some super indulgent self massage, relaxing the body and calming the mind. After this we’ll grab a cuppa and settle down to talk about the astrology of this special full moon eclipse. You’ll have the opportunity to read through your unique astrological report and discover how Taurus influences your chart.

After this we’ll channel the abundant Taurus energy to become master moon manifestors! I’ll share my special moon manifesting ritual with you so that you can start drawing more of what you love into your life.

Following this we’ll draw an oracle card or two for guidance before snuggling down to enjoy a blissful sound bath. You’ll drift into peaceful relaxation as singing bowls, chimes, rhythmic drumming and a wind gong are played around you.

THE DETAILS | Limited places are available and must be booked online please. After you book you will receive an email from me requesting your date, time (if you know it) and place of birth. Alternatively, once you’ve booked you can email this info to me at

Dress in warm comfy clothes (pyjamas are A-ok!) and bring a bottle of water, a pillow, a blanket and a yoga mat if you have one (if not, no worries, you can use one of mine).

Free juice and nibbles are included along with your Full moon Eclipse in Taurus astrological report.

I hope to see you there.


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  1. Caz

    Amazing evening thoroughly enjoyed it Moon chart was spot on. Relaxed friendly uplifting and informative lovely goodie bag at the end a nice touch

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