How to survive and thrive during Mercury Retrograde

Oh Lordy… It’s September 26th which means Mercury Retrograde is here!

Famous for causing communication kefuffles and technology meltdowns a plenty, it’s awfully tempting just to shut yourself away with fortnights supply of tea, baked beans, long life milk and perhaps a chocolate bar or two… actually three… no make that four, definitely four.

But is it all that bad, really?

As a Virgo Rising Mercury is one of my ruling planets. In addition my tenth house (work and career) and with it my Midhaven, falls in Gemini which is also ruled by Mercury… so I feel this one HARD. So hard in fact, that mis-communications often start occurring in the weeks running up to retrograde, when the shadow which precedes this phase slowly starts to make its effect known.

And yet, even with all this in mind, I’m a firm believer that with the right mindset and a little prep work, we can not only survive, but thrive during Mercury retrograde.

I’ll show you how.

 Step 1: Get your mindset sorted

Look, if you step into this thing convinced that evvvvvvvvvverything is going to go tits up, then it probably will, so don’t start Mercury Retrograde with a negative attitude. Instead think of this phase (which lasts from 26th September until 17th October) as a sort of reset, an opportunity to switch from doing to being and reflect on how this powerful little planet influences certain areas of your life.

Mercury Retrograde is the ideal time to address any imbalance in these areas, which brings me rather neatly to step 2.

Step 2: Check which zodiac sign is involved

One of the first things you can do to help yourself navigate Mercury Retrograde in style is to check out the zodiac sign and ruling planet involved. A Mercury Retrograde in dreamy, intuitive Pisces, is going to have a very different ‘feel’ to a retrograde in say, proud, spotlight seeking Leo. This is because each of the zodiac signs adds its own influence to the positions and aspects of planets in their space and retrogrades are no different.

This particular Mercury Retrograde is happening in Libra.

Libra is a sign of balance and harmony, it also symbolises our quest for justice and fairness. Libra strives for equilibrium in all things, from our daily habits to our work/life balance and in particular financial matters and romantic relationships. Ruled by feminine Venus, Libra is particularly occupied by matters of the heart. It’s also strongly connected to the material and finer things in life and the financial balance it takes to gain these things.

What does this mean for you? Well over the next three weeks we can all expect to spend some time thinking and rethinking about your relationships, close friendships and financial matters. In particular, are these relationships balanced and fair?

  • Is there and equal amount of give and take?
  • Is there and equal amount of control?
  • Are you getting back what you put in?
  • Do you feel safe when it comes to your relationships and finances?

Basically, if you’re picking up the pizza tab way more than your pals or loading the dishwasher everyday whilst your other half kicks back on the sofa then it’s time to address that imbalance.

** Getting serious for a second… if there is a proper issue with your relationship, be it controlling behaviours or even abuse or a real issue with your finances such as unmanageable debt please, please understand that you don’t have to suffer alone. If this retrograde opens your eyes to the need to get help then reach out. Reach out to friends, to family or even to a professional organisation or charity that can support you. Please don’t suffer alone. **

Love and money can be tough subjects to tackle and even more tricky to talk about calmly and openly. There are often HEAPS of emotions involved here and therein lies the potential challenge of this particular retrograde.

Remember, balance is the key here! Reflect. Think and think again before you speak, if something needs to be said, now could be the perfect time, but likewise don’t let over thinking turn a minor issue into a big thing.

And remember of course that it goes both ways people! If you’ve been leaning on a particular friend a lot over the past few weeks perhaps it’s time to ask what you can do to return the favour? Likewise if you’ve been a bit spend, spend, spend perhaps it’s time to ease off the impulse shopping and get your financial house in order. Just sayin!

Step 3: Figure out how this Mercury Retrograde might affect you personally

Will Mercury retrograde even affect you? If you ignore it completely will it pass without raising so much as a ‘the thing is…’ The answer is, probably not, sorry. Mercury Retrograde is likely to affect us all in some way. Even those people who don’t believe in astrology!

So, who might get a particularly heavy hit from this retrograde?

Libra and its opposite sign, Aries are likely to feel it most. Rest, reflect and try your best (I’m looking at YOU Aries) not to act or react implusivly.

Anyone with a sun, moon or rising sign ruled by Mercury – that’s Virgo and Gemini. Logical Virgo’s may find themselves over thinking heavily, whilst Gemini’s may find themselves starting endless convos about how they feeling. Basically if your best mate is a Gemini, get the kettle on and keep those cuppas coming.

If your Mercury is in Libra (you’ll need to check your birth chart for this) you may find yourself feeling a bit more argumentative than usual.

Whilst you’re looking at your birth chart it might be an idea to check which house Mercury falls in for you. This should give you another useful clue as to where this retrograde might shine a particularly strong light.

For example, if it falls in the tenth house you’re likely to be thinking about your work and career. If it falls in the sixth your daily routine could be the focus of your thoughts.

Why does this help? Well if you know what’s likely to bubble up then you can be prepared. If not you might find yourself obsessing over a single area of your life, which is often counter-productive in the long term.

“Throwing all our effort into one area of our life can lead to other areas being neglected,” says Rebecca Claxton, creator of The Habit Track. “The trouble being that the other areas are neglected and then start to spiral out of control. Then, before we’ve made any real progress we need to stop and give our attention to something else. This has us feeling busy and tired with little results to show for it.”

 Step 4: Relax!

All planets go retrograde, in fact this is the third time Mercury has taken a backwards spin this year! You’ve survived dozens of Mercury Retrogrades and this one will be no different. Think of this time as a period of reflection and soul-searching, of getting clear on what you need to bring you balance, happiness and joy.

Plus, the big positive is that whatever goes wrong between now and October 17th you can just blame it on Mercury Retrograde! Win!

So don’t worry, the moon will rise again, the sun will shine and the birds will sing. It’ll all work out in the end.

I’m still stocking up on chocolate though… better safe than sorry right?


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